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JILI Slots

Introduction to JILI Slots

Introduction to JILI Slots

In both physical and online casinos, slot machines continue to dominate as a popular casino game. While traditional casinos are limited by space and can only accommodate a certain number of slot machines, online casinos like Gullybet, powered by renowned gaming providers such as JILI, offer a vast selection of online slots for players to enjoy.

The Advantages of JILI 

The Advantages of JILI

JILI Slots, a popular gaming developer, specializes in creating a card, fishing, and slot games for online casinos. With a commitment to producing exceptional and original games, JILI leverages the expertise of its development team, which boasts 20 years of combined experience. While targeting the Asian iGaming industry, particularly Hong Kong and Indonesia, JILI also aims to expand its reach beyond Asia.

One of the notable features of JILI slot machines is their unique soundtracks, high-definition animations, and HTML5 games optimized for mobile devices. By prioritizing the development of top-quality games, JILI ensures that online casinos can offer their patrons an outstanding gaming experience.

Explore the Exciting JILI Slot Machines 

Explore the Exciting JILI Slot Machines

Experience the thrill of JILI slots by exploring the impressive array of games available on their platform. Here are some examples of JILI’s captivating slot machines:

Roma X 

Embark on an epic adventure with Roma X, an online slot machine featuring a brave female warrior battling a lion. This JILI slot machine offers 15 paylines, a free game feature, and a bonus game. 

3, 5, 10, and 20 free games are made available after clearing paylines 4, 5, 6, and 7, respectively. During the free spins, players have the opportunity to earn additional free spins by clearing specific paylines. 

Trigger the bonus game by aligning three BONUS icons on one of the paylines. In this game, players take control of the fighter and engage in a fierce battle with the lion. Players can choose to attack the lion or defend against its charges. The game introduces a stamina mechanic where the player loses 1 stamina point with each hit. When the stamina level reaches 0, the game is over. Here are the payouts for each action:

  • Dual swords – 1:20
  • Single sword – 1:10
  • Lion – 1:3

Night City 

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Night City, an online slot machine inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of Shanghai at night. This JILI slot machine boasts five reels and 243 ways to win, along with expandable Special Wilds and free games unlocked by Scatter symbols. 

The Special Wild symbol appears on the first three reels and expands both vertically and horizontally, transforming adjacent symbols into Special Wilds. Subsequent appearances of Special Wilds do not trigger further expansions. Special Wilds, like Wild symbols, cannot substitute for Scatter and Special Wild symbols. Night City offers a minimum of 10 free spins in its no-download game. The number of free spins unlocked depends on the number of Scatter symbols:

  • 5 scatters: 10 free spins (number of scatters multiplied by 1 plus 1 per round).
  • 6 scatters: 24 free spins (number of scatters multiplied by 2 plus 2 per round).
  • 7 scatters: 42 free spins (number of scatters multiplied by 3 plus 3 per round). 

The free game has a maximum cap of 50 spins, as additional free spins can be unlocked and accumulated during gameplay.

Crazy 777 

Indulge in a nostalgic gaming experience with Crazy 777, an online slot machine by JILI Games inspired by vintage slots. This machine features three reels, one payline, and an additional special reel on the right. The special reel enhances the gameplay and offers extra bonuses based on the winning combination obtained on the regular reels. Here are the symbols found on the special reel:

  • The matching multiplier (10x, 5x, or 2x) is applied to wins.
  • $+ and $+ symbols increase winnings proportionally to the bet amount, with the amount displayed above the special reel.
  • The Respin symbol grants 1 to 5 random respins.

In addition to the special reel, Crazy 777 showcases unique 777 symbols on the traditional reels, each with its own payout multiplier:

  • 7: Bet/3 x 100
  • 77: Bet/3 x 200
  • 777: Bet/3 x 1000

When multiple “7” symbols appear together, the payout is calculated as Bet/3 x 40. With its special symbols and unique reel, this traditional slot machine offers profitable gameplay and the chance to win big.


To play JILI slot machines, simply sign up at Gullybet and access the games through the “Casino” section.

Yes, JILI is a reputable game provider well-known in the online gaming community. The JILI slots available on Gullybet are authentic games created by JILI.

Crazy 777 stands out as the best JILI slot machine. This game takes inspiration from classic slots and offers additional special reels and symbols to boost players’ payouts when they hit winning combinations.


JILI, a leading software provider, offers an exceptional selection of JILI slots. With a strong presence in Asia and a growing presence beyond the region, JILI delivers unique games with higher payouts and captivating themes.

By registering with Gullybet, players gain easy access to JILI slots through the “Casino” section. Furthermore, playing JILI slots becomes even more convenient with the Gullybet mobile app. Waste no time and sign up now to embark on an exhilarating journey with JILI slots.